Jackson County Cemeteries

This project is in need of volunteers to survey the known cemeteries and to photograph them in a size where those with impaired vision can read the dates and words plainly. Our greatest wish is to get the photos now before the stones are eroded too much.

Cemeteries underlined have a bit of information already on line but more is needed.

Addie Cemetery   Sylva  
Ash Cemetery   Sylva  
Ashe Cemetery   Balsam  
Ashe Settlement Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Assembly of God Chapel Cemetery   Sylva  
Ayscue Hooper Cemetery   Sylva  
Balsam Baptist Church Cemetery   Balsam  
Balsam Grove Cemetery    
Barkers Creek Cemetery    
Bethel Cemetery   Whittier  
Big Ridge Cemetery   Big Ridge  
Blanton - Norman Cemetery
aka Cook Cemetery
Bradley Cemetery   Whittier  
Brasstown Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Broom Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Brown - Wood Cemetery   Sylva  
Brown Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Brown Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Brown Family Cemetery    
Bumgarner - Fall Cliff Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Bumgarner Cemetery   Whittier  
Cagle Cemetery   Greens Creek  
Campground Cemetery   Indian Hills  
Cathey Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Charlies Creek Baptist Church Cemetery   Sylva  
Church of the Good Shepherd Cemetery   Cashiers  
Clayton Cemetery   Sylva  
Cogdill Cemetery   Addie  
Conley Cemetery   Qualla  
Conner Cemetery   Sylva  
Conner Cemetery   Dillsboro  
Coward Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Crawford Cemetery   Hazelwood  
Crowe Family Cemetery   Sylva  
Cullowhee Baptist Church Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Cullowhee United Methodist Church Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Davis Cemetery    
Dicks Creek Cemetery   Whittier  
Dietz Cemetery    
Dillard Cemetery    
Dills Cemetery   Sylva  
Double Springs Cemetery   Cullowhee  
East Fork Cemetery   Savannah  
East LaPorte Cemetery   East LaPorte  
Elders Cemetery    
Ensley Cemetery    
Evitt Cemetery   Norton  
Fairview Memorial Gardens Cemetery   Sylva  
Fall Cliff Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Falls Creek Baptist Church Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Fisher Cemetery    
Fox Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Franklin Cemetery   Dillsboro  
George Family Cemetery    
Glenville Wesleyan Church Cemetery   Glenville  
Greens Creek Cemetery   Greens Creek  
Gunter Cemetery   Whittier  
Hamburg Cemetery   Glenville  
Harris Cemetery   Argura  
Henry Cemetery   Willits  
Henry Cogdill Cemetery   Sylva  
Hensley Cemetery   Wilmot  
Hooper Cemetery   East LaPorte  
Hooper - Speedwell Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Hoyle Cemetery   Sylva  
Hyatt Cemetery   Whittier  
Hyatt Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery    
J. H. Potts Memorial Cemetery   Norton  
Jackson County Home Cemetery   Sylva  
Jenkins Cemetery   Barkers Creek  
Jones Cemetery   Balsam  
Keener Cemetery   Sylva  
Locust Field Cemetery
aka Locust Field Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Long Cemetery    
Love Cemetery   Willits  
Love Family Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Lovedale Baptist Church Cemetery
aka Loves Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Lower Coward Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Lower Zachary Cemetery
aka Cashiers Valley Cemetery
Mathis Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Melton Cemetery    
Middleton Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Moody Cemetery    
Moses Creek Cemetery    
Mount Zion Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Mountain Grove Baptist Church Cemetery    
Nations Cemetery   Whittier  
New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery   Webster  
New Savannah Baptist Church Cemetery   Savannah  
Norman Cemetery   Sylva  
Norman Family Cemetery   Qualla  
Norman-Blanton Cemetery   Sylva  
Norton Cemetery   Cashiers  
Norton Cemetery   Glenville  
Ochre Hill Baptist Church Cemetery   Willits  
Old Campground Cemetery   Whittier  
Old Carson Cemetery    
Old Conner Cemetery   Balsam  
Old Field Cemetery   Sylva  
Old Savannah Baptist Church Cemetery   Savannah  
Olivet United Methodist Church Cemetery    
Parris Cemetery   Sylva  
Pine Creek Baptist Church Cemetery   Erastus  
Pine Ridge Cemetery    
Pinhook Baptist Church Cemetery    
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery   Cashiers  
Promised Land Baptist Church Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Queen Cemetery   Dillsboro  
Queen Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Queen Cemetery
aka Sols Creek Cemetery
Reagan Cemetery   Whittier  
Robinson Cemetery   Dillsboro  
Rock Bridge Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Rogers Cemetery   Sylva  
Rogers - Hooper Cemetery    
Saint Davids Episcopal Church Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Sherrill Cemetery   Whittier  
Shoal Creek Cemetery    
Shook Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Shook Cove Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Stamper Cemetery    
Sols Creek Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Stamper Cemetery   Whittier  
Stephens Cemetery   East LaPorte  
Stewart Cemetery   Bessie  
Stillwell Cemetery   Webster  
Sutton Cemetery   Sylva  
Taylor Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Thomas Memorial Cemetery   Qualla  
Tuckaseegee Baptist Church Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Tuckaseegee Wesleyan Cemetery
aka Moses Cemetery
Union Hill Cemetery   Whittier  
Upper Zachary Cemetery   Cashiers  
Victory Baptist Church Cemetery   Savannah  
Ward Cemetery   Sylva  
Webster Cemetery   Webster  
Wesleyanna Cemetery    
Whiteside Cove Cemetery   Norton  
Wike Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Wike Cemetery   Tuckaseegee  
Wilmont Community Cemetery   Wilmot  
Wilson Cemetery   Cullowhee  
Wolf Creek Cemetery   Wolf Mountain  
Wolf Mountain Cemetery
aka Jackson Owen Cemetery
  Wolf Mountain  
Wood Cemetery   Wolf Mountain  
Woodring Cemetery   Tuckasegee  
Worley Chapel Cemetery   Whittier  
Zachary Cemetery   Norton  
Zion Hill Baptist Church Cemetery   Pumpkintown  

One name or photograph or two, fifty, one hundred, etc. We would love to have your input and help and I am sure many, many people researching their families will appreciate you too. Got a story or history of a cemetery? Send it along and we will post it too. The information, as always, belongs to you and you can have it pulled from the site if you should want to, we just hope you don't want to.



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